Support Designated Beneficiaries Bill, HB 1260

Thank you for your support of HB 1260, the Designated Beneficiaries Bill.  Because of your help, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill on Monday afternoon with a vote of four to two. 

We are now very close to the finish line on this bill which will make it easier for unmarried people to designate whom they want to make medical and end-of-life decisions on their behalf if they are unable to make decisions on their own, but we need your help now.

The bill will be heard on the senate floor in the next couple days and your state senator needs to know that you support designated beneficiaries. 

Please inform your state senator TODAY:

·        HB 1260 provides a low-cost, convenient mechanism for Coloradans to choose the person to take care of them in medical emergencies and provide for them in the event of their death.

·        HB 1260 allows senior citizens who would lose death and social security benefits if they married to designate who will make their end of life decisions and provide for their loved ones.

·        HB 1260 is a new estate planning tool which will not cost anything to the state because the small administrative fee will cover the costs of the program.

·        HB 1260 is good for Colorado.  It will protect people who take responsibility for their affairs by utilizing this new, accessible, convenient, and affordable tool.

Thank you for taking action on this important bill.

If you don’t know your state senator, please go to  Enter your zip + 4 in the upper left-hand corner, then click on the name of your state senator to view contact information.

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