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A message from Kim Pearson, TNET President:

The Transgender Day of Remembrance observances left many of us drained and wondering if the violence will ever end. In the midst of sorrow and grief for those lost, however, I also experienced a sense of new strength and resolve. On most days the task of “changing the world” seems pretty daunting, but on that particular day it occurred to me that perhaps we could all do more to change the landscape in our own back yards. 

We hear every day about transgender employment, documentation, healthcare, insurance, and housing issues, and those are indeed important. But what about something much more fundamental? What if we held a vision of creating understanding and loving support systems so that each and every person had a family to rely on — a PFLAG family, a “family of choice,” a family to help provide the love, understanding and validation that everyone needs for healthy self-esteem? 

What if every individual was so loved, accepted and nurtured that they didn’t need to seek validation from sexual promiscuity, partying, alcohol or drugs? What if every individual received the attention, hugs and affirmation that they needed? What if every person had an “emotional home” to go to? Would that make their lives happier and healthier and safer? I think it would. 

I also think this is the kind of change that each individual can affect. It doesn’t require you to study the issues or be an expert on the legislative process or politics. All that is required is an open heart. 

Happy Holidays,

Kim Pearson
TNET President

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