PFLAG Files Amicus Brief On Behalf Of Couples In Utah And Oklahoma


On behalf of PFLAG members and supporters everywhere, PFLAG National has filed an amicus brief with the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in support of the plaintiffs in Kitchen v. Herbert and Bishop v. Smith, the cases challenging bans on marriage equality in Utah and Oklahoma respectively.

As with the amicus brief filed last year with the U. S. Supreme Court, we share family stories that demonstrate the impact that denying access to legal marriage has on committed same-sex couples: how it harms and dishonors not only the couples, but the families who love them.

These firsthand accounts–by parents, grandparents, siblings, and couples and their children–amplify a simple fact: that the commitment of these couples elevates the institution of marriage, and provides much-needed legal protection and emotional stability to their children, which only legal marriage can provide.


Click here to read the full PFLAG National amicus brief.

We don’t always know the full impact of our stories until the courts weigh in. However, in this case, we’ve heard from Laurie, one of the plaintiffs in the Utah case, who shares with us the impact the PFLAG amicus brief has had on her:

As one of the plaintiffs in the Kitchen case, I read with great interest your Amicus Curiae submitted in our case. I have to tell you the stories brought tears to my eyes. I am so touched that those families would tell their stories in order to help Kody and I (and the others) achieve our goal of marriage equality. Please pass along my heart-felt gratitude to these wonderful families. And thank you for your hard work on our behalf. Kody and I were married on December 20, 2013 and hope Utah will recognize the legality of our marriage. Thanks for all PFLAG does.

PFLAGers know that one voice can change the world, and often have the honor of witnessing that change one heart, one mind at a time. The power of those many voices woven together tell a compelling and beautiful story of love, family, affirmation, and equality for all that is not only changing lives; they are changing laws all over this country. Thank you for continuing to raise your own unique voice on behalf of LGBT people everywhere.

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