One Year of Civil Unions – Why Marriage Matters

By Jenny Martin

My partner Jodi and I obtained our civil union license on May 1, 2013 at 2 a.m. in Boulder County, just hours aftermartinFamily Colorado’s civil union law took effect. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year, but today—on the one-year anniversary of our civil union law—it’s abundantly clear that while civil unions are a good first step, there is no substitute for marriage. When Jodi and I cross state lines, our civil union means little—and we lose the legal protections that, once we leave Colorado, only the freedom to marry can provide.

On the one-year anniversary of civil unions becoming law in our state, we know we can’t stop until all loving and committed couples can marry in Colorado—and we know that Why Marriage Matters Colorado is the campaign that will lead us to victory. What Jodi and I want is to get married, and we want to do that for the same reasons any other couple wants to get married.
Marriage upholds everything we think is important: stability, integrity, responsibility and most importantly, family. No other commitment in this country is given the same level of respect and recognition.

Our daughter Morgan has said that her parents not being allowed to get married makes her think others don’t see us as a real family. But we are a real family—we love and struggle and support each other and persevere just like every other family.

Recognizing our family and the families of same-sex couples across our state will make Colorado stronger. That’s what we’re fighting for today and what we’ll continue to fight for until we have full equality.

Together, after a long fight, we passed an important civil union law. And together we can—and we will—win marriage equality in Colorado. Click here to donate $8 to support Why Marriage Matters Colorado’s campaign to secure the freedom to marry in the Centennial State.

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