Marriage Equality Rally

Wednesday April 9, 6:30-7:30 pm @ Byron White United States Courthouse, Denver, CO.

This week is a REALLY big week for marriage, and Colorado is in the center of it. On Thursday, three brave same-sex couples will travel to Denver from Utah for oral arguments before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in the landmark case that would strike down the state’s marriage ban. Their case could not only change the status quo in Utah-it could impact Colorado too. Because Colorado and Utah are in the same federal court circuit, a decision in the Utah case could ripple out to Colorado and several of our neighboring states. That’s why on Wednesday-the night before oral arguments begin-Coloradans are rallying together to show these couples our support and show that Coloradans believe in marriage equality!

But the Utah case isn’t all that’s happening in Denver. Just one week later, on April 17th, plaintiff couples from Oklahoma will begin oral arguments before the Tenth Circuit in their historic case fighting the state’s appeal of a decision that struck down OK’s marriage ban.

In short: there’s a lot at stake. And it’s never been more important that we stand together to show that Colorado-and America-is ready for the freedom to marry.

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