“We won’t close the door on conversation, but we will close the door on discrimination…”

PFLAG National released the following statement from Executive Director Jody M. Huckaby on the issue of religious exemptions and the law:

PFLAG has a long, proud history of engaging in difficult conversations, often related to issues of faith. We understand and see everyday how freedom of religion is being conflated with the freedom to discriminate and the growing crescendo that this discrimination be enshrined in law. PFLAG’s richness of diversity compels us to operate from a lens of fairness when looking at religious exemptions, and fairness dictates that any religious exemption in judicial ruling, executive action, or legislation cannot be so broad as to compromise an individual’s dignity.

Yet from decades on the front lines of LGBT equality advocacy, we also know that if we want laws written, supported, and passed, we must commit to staying engaged, no matter how difficult the conversations get. PFLAG will always use the same test, whether it be for ENDA, an Executive Order, some other piece of legislation, or a court ruling: Will people who are LGBT be treated differently than protected classes of people? If the final version or ruling does not pass that test, then we will not support it and will instead actively mobilize all PFLAGers and people everywhere committed to fairness and equality to oppose.

PFLAG National will continue to support ENDA but insist on a fair and equal religious exemption in the bill. Whether through ENDA or via an Executive Order, people who are LGBT have a desperate need for workplace protections, and should have the same workplace rights and responsibilities as anyone else. In fact, the majority of Americans already agree that people in the workplace should be judged on the merits of their work, not based on who they are; that is fair.

In PFLAG’s view, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling was wrong, any Executive Order aimed at protecting workers but offering loopholes to discriminate is wrong, and the breadth of the religious exemption in ENDA as it is currently drafted is wrong. PFLAG never closes the door on conversation, but we will close the door on discrimination, for we cannot change hearts and minds—which sometimes means reconciling different faith beliefs—if the foundation on which we do so ís discriminatory.

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July Event: Pool Party at Sunset Pool in Longmont

Sunday, July 20, 2014, 7-10:00 p.m.

The fun begins at 7:00 p.m. when we will have the entire pool complex. Please bring snacks or desserts for a potluck in the party room. If you don’t want to swim, just hang out and visit with friends.

The pool has slides, a safe shallow area for little ones, diving boards, 6 lap lanes and lots of grass trees, tables, benches. If you’ve never been to Sunset Pool, it’s a great place to enjoy a special PFLAG experience and an awesome location looking out at the mountains.

**NOTE: There will NOT be a PFLAG Program on Sunday, July 13.

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Bridegroom A Love Story. Unequaled.

bridegroom picture

Wednesday, June 18, 7:30pm The performance space at the Dairy Center

Buy tickets for $8 online at OR

Tickets are also available for purchase at the event.

BRIDEGROOM is a documentary directed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason that tells the emotional journey of Shane and Tom, two young men in a loving and committed relationship — a relationship that was cut tragically short by a misstep off the side of a roof.

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Crowley Recognizes Late LGBT Rights Advocate and Queens Resident Jeanne Manford as National Hero

“As the proud mother of a gay son, Jeanne Manford opened the doors that led to great progress on LGBT equality over the past few decades,” said Rep. Crowley. “Jeanne’s unconditional love helped change the hearts and minds of so many people in Queens and throughout the City of New York. She leaves behind an incredible legacy of courage and humanity and today, we live in a more just society because of her work.”

Click here to see the video of Congressman Crowley reading the resolution.

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Valentine Road

VALENTINE ROAD, a richly detailed and deeply affecting documentary, is out Tuesday June 3rd, on DVD and digital platforms, just in time for Pride month.

About VALENTINE ROAD: In February 2008, a classroom shooting shattered the town of Oxnard, California. A 15-year-old lay dead and a 14-year-old awaited trial for murder. Was this a hate crime, retaliation for unwanted flirting or more complex? An effeminate biracial boy pushing a young white supremacist to his breaking point made great headlines and drew attention to the plight of LGBT teens. But it only scratched the surface. Marta Cunningham picks up where media coverage left off, exploring the paths of victim Lawrence King and his killer, Brandon McInerney. Family, friends, teachers, classmates, attorneys, law enforcement and mental health professionals discuss the aftermath of the tragedy. Cunningham unravels the narrative that links Larry and Brandon. Both were troubled and grew up in difficult homes. The film raises key questions facing communities all over the country: what do you do to help kids before violence occurs – what do you do after you’ve failed?

*Official Selection (to name a few): Sundance Film Festival (Documentary Grand Jury Prize Nominee); GLAAD Media Awards (Outstanding Documentary Nominee); Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Best Documentary Jury Award Winner); San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Best Documentary Award Winner)
*The film had a broadcast premiere on HBO last October and coverage from Ellen DeGeneres, who discussed the story and case on her show.

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